This month the Franklin REC Spotlight is on Karen Ringleb, who has been at the cooperative for 29 years and whose current role is office manager.

Her responsibilities include preparing financial reports, tracking capital credits, overseeing office staff, human resources and more.Much has changed since she started as a billing clerk, when the REC had one personal computer for satellite TV service and a couple others for billing and payroll. “Back then,” she recalls, “we had to dial in to the main system daily to send information and received reports just once a week. Now we see everything instantly.”

Karen’s favorite part of her job is the people she works with, as well as the co-op’s members. And, she says, “Every day there’s a new challenge. No two days are alike.”

Karen and her husband, Harold, have three children: Whitney, 22; Brady, 20; and Courtney, 15. She is one of six children, and her father lives in Dumont.In their spare time, Karen and Harold stay busy with their kids as well as remodeling their home.

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