Our Team & Mission

Our Team & Mission

Franklin REC is a rural community-focused organization who works to

efficiently deliver reliable and safe energy to our members.

Seven Principles of Cooperatives:

  • Voluntary and open membership without discrimination
  • Democratic member control
  • Members' economic participation
  • Cooperative autonomy and independence
  • Member education, training and information to the general public
  • Cooperative among cooperatives
  • Concern for community


Our Values:

  • Accountability
  • Commitment to community
  • Innovation
  • Integrity 
  • Team Work


Franklin REC Contacts

Garrett Thompson, General Manager

Karen Ringleb, Office Manager

John Quasdorf, Line Superintendent

Chad Foster, Member Service Advisor


  Gordon Greimann

  Board President/ District 2




  John Snyder

  Board Vice President/ District 1




  David Keninger

  Board Secretary/Treasurer/ District 1




  Matt Roelfs

  Board Member/ District 1




  Don Greimann

  Board member/ District 2





  Dale Schaefer

  Board Member/ District 3




  Darwin Van Horn

  Board Member/ District 3