Energy Efficiency and Rebates

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Rebates and Energy Efficiency

Franklin Rural Electric Cooperative has had a long history of supporting energy efficiency; in fact, we have been offering cost-effective energy efficiency programs to our member-owners since the late 1980s. These programs include numerous rebates and incentives for wide variety of energy-efficient products and services for your home, farm or business. Each of the energy efficiency programs we currently offer were independently assessed to verify they provide the greatest cost-benefit to all of our member-owners. Franklin REC

also offers programs designed to reduce electric demand, such as our load management program and our ongoing commitment to upgrade our facilities with more efficient transformers and other distribution equipment.

Ultimately, Franklin REC invests in energy efficiency programs to benefit the member-owners we serve. In 2017  the cooperative’s investment in energy efficiency was $49,772, which equaled $0.00081 per kWh sold.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to learn more about energy efficiency, please contact us at 641-456-2557.

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Appliance Rebate Form






 Air Source Heat Pump & Geothermal Rebate Form




 Electric Resistance Heat Rebate Form





 Heat Pump Compressor Replacement Rebate Form





 Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Ventilators Rebate Form




 Touchstone Energy Home Plus Rebate Form

 Touchstone Energy Home Program Standards Checklist





 Insulation & Weatherization Rebate Form





 Lighting rebate form






 Water Heater Rebate Form




 Agriculture Rebate Form




 Agriculture/Commercial Lighting Rebate Form

 Agriculture/Commercial Lighting Rebate Information



Variable Frequency Drive Rebate Form



 Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Form