Viasat Broadband Internet

Viasat Broadband Internet


Viasat provides fast, reliable Internet!

If you think that you can’t get fast Internet where you live, we recommend checking into Franklin REC’s Viasat Broadband Internet service.  We offer three different downloading speeds from 12-30 Mbps with data plans from 40 to 100 GB- you choose which one suits your particular Internet needs!

How do I choose a service plan? 

Choose your plan based on your usage needs.  If you use the Internet a little each day, our least expensive 40 GB plan may fit your needs perfectly.  Other plans will cover additional data usage along with faster download speeds to connect to your mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc for streaming videos, social networking, and more.  If you start out with a smaller data plan, but find yourself needing more data, call the office and we can change your plan within minutes!  You are not “locked” into this particular data plan for the remainder of your contract. 

How do I know how much data I'm using?

We encourage customers to monitor their usage.  To do this, go to to get this information.  This link allows users to change passwords, download pop-up blocking software, set auto-reply messages, front page access, and e-mail accounts. 

Subscribers get courtesy e-mails notifying them when they have reached the 70% point of usage.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

If a subscriber has used up their data allowance before the monthly reset date, internet service will be slowed.   If a customer determines they need more data than their current plan allows, contact the office and we can set you up on a larger data plan.  There is no charge to do this other than the charge for the larger plan itself.  If you find that you consistently don’t use the data in your current plan, the same applies.  Just call the office and we can make the switch. Your internet data will reset on the same day of each month.

Your service is set up with a “soft” data cap.  This means that as you approach your data plan limit, your speeds will begin to slow.  Going over your data cap is allowable and you will not be charged for it, but again, your speeds may be noticeably slower.  NOTE:  Certain times of the day when there is more “traffic” on the data beam, you may experience slower speeds as well.  With so many individuals working from home and times when children are doing their schooling remotely, there is obvious more “traffic”.  If you need to use the internet and find speeds to be lagging, working later into the evening or earlier in the morning will likely solve the issue.

Tech support

Tech support is available to all subscribers free of charge.  Dial 1-888-232-6130 and you will be put in contact with someone who can help you with everything from troubleshooting when your service isn’t working for you to assistance with adding a new device.  They should be your first call when you need a hand!  Based on the troubleshooting done during this call, a technician may determine whether a service call is needed.  If this is the case, you may be charged for the service call and materials depending on the nature of the problem.  Remember that weather can plan a role in satellite internet service.  If you are experiencing internet issues, please consider the weather.  Snow, rain, sleet, fog, or heavy cloud cover can sometimes create disruptions.



  • $59.49/month
  • Download speed of 12 Mbps
  • Soft cap 40 GB


  • $84.49/month
  • Download speed of 25 Mbps
  • Soft cap 60 GB


  • $124.49/month
  • Download speed of 30 Mbps
  • Soft cap 100 GB


How do I signup? 

Call Franklin REC at 641-456-2557 and ask to talk with Brenda.  She can answer questions about the plans and help you get started.