Operation Round Up Logo

As a Franklin REC member, you can be a part of our commitment to community through our Operation Round Up program.

Franklin REC's Operation Round Up gathers contributions from participating member-consumers by "rounding up" their monthly bill(s) to the next dollar. These monies will be used to help individuals and non-profit organizations in the Franklin REC service area.

The average donation is $6.00 per year (or 50 cents per month). If you choose to participate, your electric bill(s) will be "rounded up" to the next dollar each month. For example:

                               If your electric bill is:       $85.71

                               Operation Round Up is:    $0.29

                               Final bill amount:            $86.00

Each month, your donation may be as little as a penny or as much as 99 cents. If you are on the budget billing plan, your bill will only increase by 50 cents each month. Complete a contribution form to become a program contributor.

For those in need, application forms are available at the REC office or by downloading the individual/family form or the organization/agency form. The forms will help the board of directors in determining the needs and to what extent Operation Round Up can help.